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Our Services

A Three Shires Landscaping we provide a wide range of services to help transorm your garden,or outdoor space into an attractive and functional area. For more information on some of the different aspects of our work see the information below.



Frequently our clients have an idea of what they want and we then  provide the professional knowhow to bring their ideas alive.

On occasions, some are not sure exactly what they have in mind. Having a wide range of experience from tiny garden spaces to more larger landscapes, we can provide a wealth of professional and creative ideas.



Fences do not just provide a safe boundary, they can also be a decorative addition to your outside space.


Function and aesthetics can go hand in hand, neither have to be compromised. There are numerous materials and styles of fencing can be used to achieve the required finish.

  • Landscaping

  • Paving

  • Patios

  • Fencing

  • Driveways

  • Tree Felling

Tree Work

tree cutting

We are able to undertake all your routine requirements. Pruning, shaping, crown raising and reductions. 
Where required we can fell any tree that is dying, dangerous or you just need removing.

Deep or difficult roots can be a big issue, in most cases we can provide a stump grinding service.

Paths & Patios


Paving & patios can be an important part of any garden, so it is important that they are well planned and correctly laid out.

Using the right materals will provide the correct and most appealing finish. We are here to help and advise in all cases.

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